Jas and Amrit’s Sikh wedding at Sri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend, Kent and City Pavilion, Essex

Bride and groom posing in gurudwara
We were really honored that we were chosen to document Jas and Amrit’s Sikh wedding at the beautiful Gurdwara (Sikh temple) Sri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend, Kent. We had such an awesome time covering all of their wedding events, that we were sad when it all ended!

You could say both sides of the family are into drink… one being alcoholic and the other being the good white stuff… Milk! Amrit’s family own a dairy in the Midlands and Jas’s family own a mobile bar hire company…so you could say the love of drink bought the two together?!

The wedding itself was HUGE! In terms of number of guests, it was probably the biggest wedding we had covered back in 2012, luckily the venue at the City Pavilion catered for everyone’s needs. Both sides of the family were so welcoming, and we really felt part of the family. The makeup master himself, Dil Matharu made Jas look a million dollars and Amrit looked liked the perfect handsome gentleman. They had such an awesome wedding reception and both were beaming in happiness.

We wish you the world of happiness together Amrit and Jas … the world is your oyster 🙂

We hope everyone enjoys the images as much as we do! We wish we could have posted more images, but we were afraid of everyone getting finger ache from scrolling down the page too much!


Team Johara

Jimmy Choo and perfume

Brides accessories

Makeup brushes

brides hairstyle

hairstyle getting done

finishing touches with makeup

bridal adjustments

jasdeep posing

Bride sitting on bed

bride in car

Groom putting shoe on

Groom and Kalgi

Groom posing

Sikh Gurudwara Gravesend

Bridesmaids looking out

Groom looking up to bridesmaids

Groom in gurudwara


guru granth sahib

sikh wedding

sikh ceremony

back shot in gurudwara

sikh wedding ardas

long shot of ceremony

Bride and groom loved up

Posing at Gravesend Gurudwara


Wedding cake in reception hall

top of wedding cake

wedding ribbon

floating candles

johara guestbook

ice sculpture

couple entrance to hall

cutting of cake

couple dancing

first dance

romantic first dance

amrit dancing!

jasdeep dancing

brides father

party animal

kissing men


brides mother dancing

Gabroo Punjab De (GPD)

bhangra dancers

confetti on dancefloor

Fog horn

wolf whistle

go go go

i'm the champion

my head

Booty shaking on the dancer floor



ice bar

scottish £1

don't cry

emotional bye

dads bye bye

steamed window

fireworks at house

Jimmy Choo's and Indian mojey

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