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Pre-wedding Shoot

Gurveen and Pardeep’s Pre-wedding shoot in London

Canadian couple at The Cow pub that looks like a barn

With most photographers, we don’t usually choose to photograph family weddings, as these are the only opportunities we get to sit back and relax at a wedding! However as I was going to Pardeep’s wedding in Canada as a guest he asked

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Mitika and Gurpreet’s pre-wedding shoot at Box Hill, Surrey

Couple (Mitikia and Gurpreet) holding each other with bride holding coloured balloons in the clouds

With Mitika coming from a background in design and illustration, we knew this was going to be an interesting pre-wedding shoot with not only colour but style also. Before the pre-wedding shoot took place, Mitika had mentioned she wanted to

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Kiran and Raj’s pre-wedding shoot in London

Couple walking in the flowers

We did a wonderful pre-wedding shoot for Kiran and Raj a number of years ago in London before their beautiful Sikh wedding. Actually this was before we had this website but recently, we revisited some of our older images and

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Jas and Amrit’s pre-wedding shoot at St Katherines Dock, London

Jasdeep and Amrit touching heads

We took the uber cool Jas and Amrit to the picture perfect St Katherines Dock just before they were about to tie the knot. Although the day was so cold, the beautiful couple managed to keep each other warm by

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Pavan and Kam’s pre-wedding shoot at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Hug from behind with the sun's glare through the trees

Before the nuptials of Pavan and Kam, we had the honor of capturing some pre-wedding shoot photos of this loved up couple at the stunning and grand venue which is Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. It’s quite a funny story of how

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Heena and Prab’s pre-wedding shoot in West Ham Park, East London

Silhouette behind an umbrella in Centra London

This must have been one of the closest pre-wedding shoots we’ve ever done at the West Ham Park in East London, which is conveniently about a 2 minutes walk from our front door! As Heena and Prab met at high school, we

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Manvinder and Meny’s pre-wedding shoot at South Bank, London

Save the last dance

With the upcoming nuptials of Manvinder and Meny, we decided to head down to Southbank in Central London to capture some pre-wedding shots of the couple. It certainly was a hive of activity when we got there, but that  was mainly

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Priya and Sunil’s pre-wedding shoot in Canary Wharf

Priya and Sunil

We had a truely fantastic time shooting Priya and Sunil’s pre wedding shoot in the scenic Canary Wharf. It was unbelievably cold, but Priya and Sunil were absolute troopers and carried on even though they were freezing! Due to the

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Rakhee and Tej’s pre-wedding shoot in London

Rakhee and Tej on the stairs

Just before Rakhee and Tej’s big fat Indian wedding, we managed to fit in a fantastic portrait shoot in Central London. They both were brilliant to work with, and we shared a few laughs along the way! We had so much

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Sonia and Sanjay’s pre-wedding shoot at Camber Sands, Sussex

Sonia with Sanjay holding Sonia's leg

Sun, sea and sand can definately sum up this shoot we had with Sonia & Sanjay at the scenic and beautiful Camber Sands in Sussex. The Johara team really enjoyed capturing those special and intimate moments between the two, in

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