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Indian bride in a red veil

Indian bride in red veil at her Indian wedding

Our beautiful Indian bride in a red veil on her Hindu wedding day at Beaumont Estate. We shot this just after the bride got ready in a small room with a wall that had just enough space.

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A Jazzy Bindi wedding

Indian wedding photography - bride on chair with groom standing behind

Sometimes you meet families or individuals that as soon as you meet them, it feels like you have known each other for years, and they feel like family instantly….well Taj and Parm very much fall into this category…along with the

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A mountain walk

Bride and groom walking in the mountains

This weekend was not just one of the most incredible weekends I’ve ever had shooting but one of the most challenging! Winds that can blow you off your feet and ice cold rain didn’t help with the challenging surroundings we

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Indian bride in the mirror

Black and white Indian bride in the mirror

A black and white image of our beautiful Indian bride’s reflection in a mirror. Captured shortly after her Hindu wedding ceremony at The Oakley Court in Windsor. If you like this image we’d really appreciate it if you shared this

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Smokin’ with hairspray

Chinese Indian wedding photography

The hairspray creates a cloud of smoke whilst our beautiful Chinese bride gets ready for her wedding day at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, London.

Angular Sikh wedding

Sikh wedding photography

A beautiful angular image from Mitika and Gurpreet’s Sikh wedding at Brent Gurdwara.

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A moment of togetherness

Indian wedding photography

Indian couple enjoy a moment of togetherness away from everyone under the stairs on their beautiful Hindu wedding day at the Beaumont Estate, Windsor.

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Love is…

Indian and Chinese couple wedding photography

Love is, sitting together without saying a word and not feeling uncomfortable! Love is, being with someone and knowing you’re there for each other! Love is, knowing you’re going to grow old together and looking forward to it! Just because

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Silhouette blessing

Our amazing couple Shilpa and Chiraag got blessed by an image of Jesus Christ in a stain glass window. The colours and the atmosphere captured is truly beautiful.

Indian bride in red lehenga with veil at the Beaumont Estate Hotel, Windsor

Indian Wedding Photography, Indian bride Shilpa Darbar in red veil

An image from one of the last weddings of the year, and we couldn’t think of a nicer couple to end the year with Shilpa and Chiraag are one of the coolest couples we’ve worked with and the pleasure was

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Indian monsoon wedding at Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor

Monsoon Wedding

A very British/Indian monsoon wedding comes to mind when we think of the beautiful (and we mean very beautiful!) wedding of the amazing couple, Bhavna & Tarun. We really hope you guys love this image as much as we do,

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Beautiful Indian bride in waiting


Bride in Waiting….. There is always that one moment before a bride leaves her house for the last time which can be defined in an image. We took this image of the beautiful Heena, before she was about to leave

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