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Canadian couple at The Cow pub that looks like a barn

Canadian couple at The Cow pub that looks like a barn

With most photographers, we don’t usually choose to photograph family weddings, as these are the only opportunities we get to sit back and relax at a wedding! However as I was going to Pardeep’s wedding in Canada as a guest he asked me if I could do a pre wedding shoot for him and his fiancé Gurveen, as they both wanted the Johara experience 🙂

Pardeep and I literally grew up together, we lived on opposite streets and in the last few years spent a fair amount of time together… before he got married and moved to Canada 🙂

As the wedding was taking place in Canada, Pardeep and Gurveen wanted something that had a British theme to their pre-wedding shoot. After some brain storming and trying to work out what to do in the lovely British weather, I managed to get The Cow pub in Stratford (London). The reason why we choose this bar is because it has a wonderful warm barn like feeling to it, and the backdrop was perfect for the style of images we wanted.

You can visit The Cow at Westfield Stratford City, right opposite the splendid Olympic Park. Serving the best in fresh food, delicious wines and real good ales. They have two floors and a mezzanine, so there’s plenty of amazing views and room for everyone to enjoy the fine attributes of their British pub.

Once we finished shooting at The Cow we headed over to Wanstead Flats to switch up the type of images we got. Those of you that have been to or seen Wanstead Flats will know there’s not much there, but we managed to create some amazing images.

Hope you enjoy images and we look forward to your comments.

Canadian Indian couple touch noses whilst hugging

Canadian Indian couple hugging closely towards the bottom of the image

Canadian British couple hugging in the bushes

Canadian British groom kisses his bride to be on the temple in the bushes

Couple hanging in the trees with the sun behind them

Sikh couple hugging in tall grass looking towards the sun

Sikh couple looking towards the sun holding hands in tall shrubs in London with a beautiful blue sky

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Indian wedding photography - bride on chair with groom standing behind

Indian wedding photography - bride on chair with groom standing behind

Sometimes you meet families or individuals that as soon as you meet them, it feels like you have known each other for years, and they feel like family instantly….well Taj and Parm very much fall into this category…along with the rest of the Jazzy Bindi family!

Here we have the ever so beautiful Taj the Indian jewel Queen on her wedding reception at the Parklands Quendon Hall in Essex. Dressed in gold and wearing the beautiful designer jewellery from Jazzy Bindi.

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