Pre-wedding Shoot

Heena and Prab’s pre-wedding shoot in West Ham Park, East London

Silhouette behind an umbrella in Centra London
This must have been one of the closest pre-wedding shoots we’ve ever done at the West Ham Park in East London, which is conveniently about a 2 minutes walk from our front door!

As Heena and Prab met at high school, we wanted to bring back some of their old school romance memories, so they both came dressed in their school uniforms (just to get into the real spirit of things!). Although they got a few odd looks walking to the park, especially as Prab’s blazer was very torn & graffiti was scribbled all over it (!) the overall look worked amazingly well in the playground. Let just say he’s lucky that the gorgeous Heena took the attention away from his uniform (we love you really Prab).

To continue on from the park shoot, we headed down to Piccadilly Circus in central London to catch a few more sneaky shots. Although we finished way past midnight, we really did have such an awesome time during the shoot.

Here’s some of our favourite shots, we’ll save the rest until after the wedding 😉
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Groom kisses bride on the climbing frame in the park

Bride looking up

Bride and Groom in school uniform

Bride and Groom in school uniform in a playground car

Couple read their magical school year book

Couple looking cool in Central London

One reply on “Heena and Prab’s pre-wedding shoot in West Ham Park, East London”

Jazz, we had such a fantastic time on the photoshoot, even though it was absolutely freezing you managed to capture some great moments, lots of variety and really creative shots!. We really appreciated all your time and hospitality and a special thanks to Vin for all her help.

Can’t wait for the big day!

Prabh and Heena x

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