Indian wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Jazz Virdi and I am an Indian wedding photographer

Jazz Virdi, Indian wedding photographer with his daughter It was fate that brought me my very first DSLR camera back in 2001, I bought a brand new Canon 300D SLR when I was on holiday, all because I found £500 in an envelope with no name or address, so like any decent person I went and reinvested it back into the economy. This camera was my pride and joy and helped me capture so many wonderful moments and locations.

I have always had a creative side, and photography was my way to express myself. I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I never really knew where to start with it. A few years earlier in 1999 I bought my first ‘proper’ computer which got into exploring design and animation. Before I knew it I was designing web sites which lead me to my first project ‘’. This was a massive success with over 7 million hits a month. Throughout this project I met and worked with many wonderful and famous people, giving me the privilege to photograph and have a chin-wag with stars such as Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Kumar, Kabir Bedi, Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me) and Vijay Mallya (CEO of Kingfisher). I have also had the pleasure in photographing The Asian Business Awards and the UK Asian Rich List. I have since worked for major blue chip companies taking photographs of their executives and partners.

However, nothing compares to documenting a wedding; the love, the colours, the emotions, these can’t be captured anywhere else other than at a beautiful wedding. It is so rewarding seeing my clients happy with delight when they collect their wedding photos and album. When my work makes someone happy and excited all at the same time, it makes me happy and I thrive from that buzz.

At Johara we have a team of extremely dedicated and creative individuals who love to create art through photography. Each one of us has a unique attributes that we bring to the table to ensure that our clients are getting something different each time. We believe in having fun and making you feel comfortable enough to forget we are even there on your big day.