Hindu Wedding

Priya and Sunil’s Hindu wedding at the Millennium Mayfair, London

Priya and Sunil
We earlier featured the pre-wedding shoot of the lovely Priya and Sunil, at Canary Wharf, London. We are now pleased to share some of their wedding day images for you all to enjoy. The day itself was a lavish affair from start to finish at the beautiful Millennium Mayfair Hotel, London. All we can say is that we immensely enjoyed covering the wedding day, every single detail of the wedding had been thought out beautifully, it felt like everything had a place and a purpose. The colours, the vibrancy, the love, the emotions, we loved every minute.

We actually met Priya and Sunil from a close friend of ours, whose wedding we also covered in 2010. We love the fact that they came through to us from their close friends, recommendations are the best bookings!

We really had a hard time deciding what pictures to add on the blog, as we loved them all, below is a small selection from the wedding day. Look out for the full album at the upcoming Asiana Wedding Exhibition in January 2013!

Priya's dad having tea whilst Priya gets ready

Priya and mum getting having their makeup done by Ambreen MUA

In London, the wedding rings

Hena on Priya's feet

Priya's chura

Bride having her nuts

Ambreen MUA putting lipstick on Priya

Bride having her hair done

Bride having her hair done

Priya's back and wedding dress

Ambreen MUA setting Priya's Ambreen MUA setting Priya's dupatta

Ambreen MUA setting Priya's dupatta

Priya in the mirror

Priya's dad admires his daughter

Brides family wait for the groom

Groom's family making an entrace whilst dancing

The groom about to show his face

Sunil waiting for Priya

Priya and Sunil looking at each other

The Hindu wedding ceremony


Sunil pouring ghee into the fire

Family take part in the Hindu wedding ceremony

The flames

Priya and hiden from Sunil with a chuni

Hindu wedding ceremony

Touching each others hearts

Priya and Sunil posing on the sofa

Blushing bride whilst groom gets her to look at him

Bride looking into camera whilst groom hugs her

Priya and Sunil outside

Priya and Sunil

Priya sitting on the bed

Names on hearts

Bride and groom cut their cake


Brides father makes a speech

Brides mum and dad dancing

Bride and groom dancing

Boys sitting under a powerful painting

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