A mountain walk

Bride and groom walking in the mountains

This weekend was not just one of the most incredible weekends I’ve ever had shooting but one of the most challenging! Winds that can blow you off your feet and ice cold rain didn’t help with the challenging surroundings we were working in, however our amazing couple Taj and Parm didn’t let that bring them down and we managed to capture some breath taking images.


Indian bride in the mirror

Black and white Indian bride in the mirror

A black and white image of our beautiful Indian bride’s reflection in a mirror. Captured shortly after her Hindu wedding ceremony at The Oakley Court in Windsor.

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Indian monsoon wedding at Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor

Monsoon Wedding

A very British/Indian monsoon wedding comes to mind when we think of the beautiful (and we mean very beautiful!) wedding of the amazing couple, Bhavna & Tarun.

We really hope you guys love this image as much as we do, even though it was raining absolute bucket loads, we managed to get this beautiful shot of the stunning couple (& many more which we can’t wait to share!) You guys seriously looked like royalty.


Beautiful Indian bride in waiting


Bride in Waiting…..

There is always that one moment before a bride leaves her house for the last time which can be defined in an image. We took this image of the beautiful Heena, before she was about to leave her house for the last time to marry her childhood sweetheart, Prabhjit. There are so many connotations of this image, but one emotion which struck us the most was the anticipation…

We saw this quote, and thought it summed up the image perfectly, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” – Andy Warhol.

You maybe thinking to yourself where are the rest of the images… but we haven’t lost the plot just yet 😉 To keep you all up to date with our latest work, we have decided to release images on this blog page, as well as releasing our full blog posts. We have decided to name this area of our blog, “Enlighten” which can be defined as “Giving greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation”, which is exactly what we hope to achieve by releasing snapshots of our work 🙂

Do keep an eye out on the blog on how we design our album pages and how we make the most of using white space, and for a general good old nose around. We would love to take you on a journey to get to know us better…

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Pre-wedding Shoot

Jas and Amrit’s pre-wedding shoot at St Katherines Dock, London

Jasdeep and Amrit touching heads

We took the uber cool Jas and Amrit to the picture perfect St Katherines Dock just before they were about to tie the knot. Although the day was so cold, the beautiful couple managed to keep each other warm by snuggling up to each other, we of course took this as the perfect photo opportunities!

Amrit being the perfect gentleman proposed to the gorgeous Jas as a surprise (which we sneakily knew about). Choosing the right place to go down on one knee can be troublesome for any groom, luckily we found a clearing under the beautiful Millennium Bridge, which was lit up so beautifully. The surrounding trees gave them the privacy they needed, which was perfect! We could hardly contain our excitement before he went down on one knee. Luckily Amrit had given us the heads up and gave us a chance to move back, otherwise we’d probably have shouted, “SAY YES, SAY YES!”

These guys make such a beautiful couple, and compliment each other with such ease. We also had a blast covering their big fat Sikh wedding, which we can’t wait to show everybody! Keep tuned to our blog for more Asian wedding photography from this fantastic couple and others…