Johara Guestbook at Sim Imaging

Sim Imaging Guestbook cover

Ever since we started to use Sim Imaging for our personalised guestbooks they have been an instant hit with all of our couples. Considering the guestbooks can bring a beautiful, unique and personalised edge to your wedding, and the fact that the guest books themselves are skilfully and exquisitely made, it’s really not hard to see why they are so popular.

Here at Johara Photography, we can offer a bespoke, personalised guestbook which can showcase a selection of your pre wedding shoot photos. A guestbook is a great way to firstly show case your stunning images to your guests and it’s also an opportunity to intertwine your images with a wedding keepsake which will last you a lifetime.

You will have a handful of physical ‘things’ that will last you a life time after your big day, one of them being your wedding bands, the second being your wedding album, so why not add a third item to the list to include a guestbook, which will have all the good wishes from your friends and family. Reading those messages of good wishes after your big day is always an amazing way to reminisce from one of the most memorable days in your lives together. The guestbook is a keepsake that you can share with your family for decades to come and you could even show your children or grandchildren when the time comes!

We love printing images, and as much as we enjoy showcasing our images online, they also look and feel even better in print. The contrast and depth of colours can really be displayed with attitude.

We were really pleased when Sim Imaging got in contact with us to tell us that they loved our images and would like to use the guestbook which we designed as one of their samples to use at their head office and at various wedding exhibitions. We have loved working with Sim Imaging, the quality and workmanship of their products is truly commendable, and every one of our couples who have had a guestbook from Sim Imaging has equally been pleased with the outcome.

This particular guestbook showcased the pre wedding shoot photos from one of our couples, Sunita & Kam. We have loved the images from the start, as we had incorporated Sunita & Kam’s edgy personalities into their shoot to really capture the couple’s individuality. We have often had comments from others asking whether we had used models for the shoot, but we can clarify we did not – we can just blame Sunita & Kam’s good looks (and our photography?!)

Below are a few pictures which Sim Imaging took for us. We hope you get a glimpse of how we can inspire your personalities into a well loved guestbook, which you will love for many years to come.