Civil Wedding

Luckshiny and Kunal’s civil wedding at Ealing Town Hall

Couple leave the Ealing Town Hall after their civil wedding with confetti thrown over them

We actually met our bride Luckshiny a number of years ago when we covered her friend’s wedding back in 2012 when she was one of the lovely bridesmaids. Totally oblivious to this fact (for both parties!) when the time came for a consultation with us, Luckshiny was a little surprised to see herself in our slideshow pictures! We love a good surprise 🙂

Luckshiny had decided to get ready in a hotel close to her wedding venue Ealing Town Hall, West London, which was absolutely beautiful and had a lovely boutique feel to it. Hair and makeup was done by the talented Dazzling Darling makeup artist, who made Luckshiny look a million dollars.

Once our lovely bride was ready in her elegant white dress, she had one main request (and a strange one at that) and that was to take some photos of her in the free standing bath tub in the hotel room. We don’t get requests like this often, but it was like she was reading my mind. I had the exact same thought when I saw the bathroom. However who knew getting into the tub would be so funny.

Once we arrived at Ealing Town Hall, Kunal was waiting eagerly for Luckshiny to enter & to make her legally his wife! The ceremony itself was an intimate affair involving just the immediate family from both sides (which is the just the way we like it).

Here are a few moments from their civil wedding. We hope you enjoy a small snippet of their beautiful day.

White bridal dress hanging in the window

Bride has her hair and makeup done by Dazzling Darlings London

Bridesmaids help bride get into her white bridal dress near the window (photo shot in black and white)

Bridesmaid helps get bride ready for her wedding

Silhouette of bride wearing a white dress in the window

Bride puts her earrings on whilst sitting on the bed

Bride wearing white dress helped into the luxurious bath tub by bridesmaids for a photos (photo shot in black and white)

Registrar reading wedding declaration to couple

Groom cheers as bride says I do

Grooms sighs with relief as bride says I do

Grooms sister cries as her brother says his wedding vows

Bride and groom hug after saying their vows

Bride shows groom how to show his ring to the groomsmen (photo shot in black and white)

Groom shows of his ring to the groomsmen

Bride and groom hugging and smiling for their portraits in their hotel room