Pre-wedding Shoot

Gurveen and Pardeep’s Pre-wedding shoot in London

Canadian couple at The Cow pub that looks like a barn

With most photographers, we don’t usually choose to photograph family weddings, as these are the only opportunities we get to sit back and relax at a wedding! However as I was going to Pardeep’s wedding in Canada as a guest he asked me if I could do a pre wedding shoot for him and his fiancé Gurveen, as they both wanted the Johara experience 🙂

Pardeep and I literally grew up together, we lived on opposite streets and in the last few years spent a fair amount of time together… before he got married and moved to Canada 🙂

As the wedding was taking place in Canada, Pardeep and Gurveen wanted something that had a British theme to their pre-wedding shoot. After some brain storming and trying to work out what to do in the lovely British weather, I managed to get The Cow pub in Stratford (London). The reason why we choose this bar is because it has a wonderful warm barn like feeling to it, and the backdrop was perfect for the style of images we wanted.

You can visit The Cow at Westfield Stratford City, right opposite the splendid Olympic Park. Serving the best in fresh food, delicious wines and real good ales. They have two floors and a mezzanine, so there’s plenty of amazing views and room for everyone to enjoy the fine attributes of their British pub.

Once we finished shooting at The Cow we headed over to Wanstead Flats to switch up the type of images we got. Those of you that have been to or seen Wanstead Flats will know there’s not much there, but we managed to create some amazing images.

Hope you enjoy images and we look forward to your comments.

Canadian Indian couple touch noses whilst hugging

Canadian Indian couple hugging closely towards the bottom of the image

Canadian British couple hugging in the bushes

Canadian British groom kisses his bride to be on the temple in the bushes

Couple hanging in the trees with the sun behind them

Sikh couple hugging in tall grass looking towards the sun

Sikh couple looking towards the sun holding hands in tall shrubs in London with a beautiful blue sky

Pre-wedding Shoot

Kiran and Raj’s pre-wedding shoot in London

Couple walking in the flowers
We did a wonderful pre-wedding shoot for Kiran and Raj a number of years ago in London before their beautiful Sikh wedding. Actually this was before we had this website but recently, we revisited some of our older images and thought they were too good not to share.

Now as they say, the rest is history.


Indian monsoon wedding at Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor

Monsoon Wedding

A very British/Indian monsoon wedding comes to mind when we think of the beautiful (and we mean very beautiful!) wedding of the amazing couple, Bhavna & Tarun.

We really hope you guys love this image as much as we do, even though it was raining absolute bucket loads, we managed to get this beautiful shot of the stunning couple (& many more which we can’t wait to share!) You guys seriously looked like royalty.


Johara Photography at the Asiana Bridal Show 2013, Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London

Johara Photography stand at the Asiana Bridal Show 2013To say we are still recovering from the Asiana Bridal Show at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel is a little bit of an understatement, we still think it will take a good few days yet to recover from the madness!

The day started off really well, with our stand getting so many compliments from visitors and other exhibitors. We really hope the artwork we had on display gave a small indication of what our work is all about. We really can’t believe how quick the day went, although 10 hours seems a long time, but when you are speaking about what you love and what you are passionate about, hours seem like minutes! The day itself was so busy, and supercharged, we managed to meet some awesome couples, and we were able to speak about their special day in some depth, which was really nice, and we got to meet some family members too!

The albums we provide also got an awesome reception, everyone seemed to love our clean, modern and contemporary designs.

We really had a hard time choosing which images to use for our artwork display, as we have loved every single wedding from 2012, and we have loved all of our couples too. It’s a shame we couldn’t show all of our favourite images from all of our couples from last year, but hey maybe next year at the Asiana Exhibition, we can have a bigger stall! 🙂

We have a sneaky feeling this year, and beyond is going to get even better. We love our work, we love we get to be a part of your special day, and we love seeing your joy when you see our images, now we can’t get better than that can we?!

We still can’t believe we had the privilege of meeting a young lady called Johara too … if you don’t know already, Johara is Arabic for Jewel 🙂


Asiana Bridal Show 2013 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London

Asiana Bridal Show 2013

We really can’t believe its that time of year again…the months seem to fly by every year, but in the month of January it can only mean one thing…. The Asiana Bridal Show 2013!

The Asiana Bridal Show is the most prestigious bridal show in the UK, with over 100 exhibitors at the show, you will be guaranteed to find the best Asian wedding service providers in the country.

The show itself will be held on Sunday 27th January 2013 at the elegant Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, on the Albert Embankment. We will be located at stand 330, on the Ballroom Level, which was exactly where we were last year!

On the day itself, you will be able to meet the Johara team, see our lovely artwork and will be able to browse through our beautiful albums. During last years Asiana exhibition, we really enjoyed the fact that we were able to talk in depth with our clients, and really got a feel as to what they wanted in terms of their photography for their wedding events. We have to say the best thing about the Asiana show, is being able to meet such a variety of different couples! It really is YOU who we thrive from, your personalities, your friends, your family, and the love between you!  We were left totally buzzing from the last Asiana Bridal Show, so we are expecting to feel exactly the same this year, if not even better!

We have been very busy preparing for the best Asian Bridal show this side of Europe, so we really can’t wait to see you there, especially to show you what we have been up to!

The count down is on, we’d LOVE to see you there!

Team Johara 🙂

Hindu Wedding

Priya and Sunil’s Hindu wedding at the Millennium Mayfair, London

Priya and Sunil
We earlier featured the pre-wedding shoot of the lovely Priya and Sunil, at Canary Wharf, London. We are now pleased to share some of their wedding day images for you all to enjoy. The day itself was a lavish affair from start to finish at the beautiful Millennium Mayfair Hotel, London. All we can say is that we immensely enjoyed covering the wedding day, every single detail of the wedding had been thought out beautifully, it felt like everything had a place and a purpose. The colours, the vibrancy, the love, the emotions, we loved every minute.

We actually met Priya and Sunil from a close friend of ours, whose wedding we also covered in 2010. We love the fact that they came through to us from their close friends, recommendations are the best bookings!

We really had a hard time deciding what pictures to add on the blog, as we loved them all, below is a small selection from the wedding day. Look out for the full album at the upcoming Asiana Wedding Exhibition in January 2013!

Pre-wedding Shoot

Heena and Prab’s pre-wedding shoot in West Ham Park, East London

Silhouette behind an umbrella in Centra London
This must have been one of the closest pre-wedding shoots we’ve ever done at the West Ham Park in East London, which is conveniently about a 2 minutes walk from our front door!

As Heena and Prab met at high school, we wanted to bring back some of their old school romance memories, so they both came dressed in their school uniforms (just to get into the real spirit of things!). Although they got a few odd looks walking to the park, especially as Prab’s blazer was very torn & graffiti was scribbled all over it (!) the overall look worked amazingly well in the playground. Let just say he’s lucky that the gorgeous Heena took the attention away from his uniform (we love you really Prab).

To continue on from the park shoot, we headed down to Piccadilly Circus in central London to catch a few more sneaky shots. Although we finished way past midnight, we really did have such an awesome time during the shoot.

Here’s some of our favourite shots, we’ll save the rest until after the wedding 😉
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Pre-wedding Shoot

Manvinder and Meny’s pre-wedding shoot at South Bank, London

Couple sitting on a bench on the South Bank in London at night

With the upcoming nuptials of Manvinder and Meny, we decided to head down to Southbank in Central London to capture some pre-wedding shots of the couple. It certainly was a hive of activity when we got there, but that  was mainly due to the International Women’s day that was taking place! Even though Manvinder and Meny were a little shy to begin with (mainly due to the amount of people there!) they certainly warmed up to the camera, and we managed to capture some beautiful moments between the two of them.

We hope you all enjoy the photo’s…

Pre-wedding Shoot

Priya and Sunil’s pre-wedding shoot in Canary Wharf

Priya and Sunil

We had a truely fantastic time shooting Priya and Sunil’s pre wedding shoot in the scenic Canary Wharf. It was unbelievably cold, but Priya and Sunil were absolute troopers and carried on even though they were freezing! Due to the weather, we had to work quickly to catch those special shots, but we really managed to catch those amazing shots and a little bit more! We secretly think that Priya and Sunil were fibbing when they told us they didn’t know how to pose! These guys were true naturals, and the camera loved them both, we think the individual shots really prove that!

We really can’t wait to capture the wedding, the countdown is on! 🙂


Asiana Bridal Show 2012 at the Park Plaza Riverside Hotel, London

Asiana Bridal Show 2012

So, here we go again for another year of amazing, beautiful and thought provoking wedding photography! We simply can’t wait to kick start this year with a bang, and to start us off nicely we have decided to do the annual Asiana Bridal Show at the Park Plaza Riverside Hotel, London.

The event itself will be held on Sunday 29th January 2012, and will be presented by Madhu’s catering and Sunrise Radio. The event attracts around 12,000 spectators, so we are expected to have lost our voices by the end of the day!

We will be situated on the Ballroom floor, so please do come and say hello to the Johara team to have a look at our most recent work, or maybe just to have a chin wag!

We simply can’t wait for the Exhibition, a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears (well maybe not the tear’s!) has gone into ensuring the day runs as smoothly as possible.

We hope to see some of you there!