Why Johara?

Asian Wedding Photography, Chinese bride and Indian groom under a halo with a flare that looks like angel wings around themDo what you’re passionate about.
Lacey Chabert

Johara’s ambience exudes beauty and style. Our style of photography is of a high calibre; it is unobtrusive, personal and thought provoking. We strive on being different; we offer a charismatic style and offer a fresh perspective on wedding photography. Our logo derives from the sacred lotus, which represents elegance, beauty, divinity, purity and grace.

Here at Johara we take the notion of photographing anyone’s event very passionately and with an air of perfection. We drive towards capturing you at your best and most importantly we want you and your personalities to be etched in every single photograph that is taken by us. Photographs are lasting memories, we recognise and appreciate that your events have taken months of meticulous planning, hence why we will capture every moment with rigour and finesse.

Our style of photography reflects a contemporary style with a classic twist. As much as we will be at the forefront of your event, we also will capture moments from a reportage angle. Our attitude towards photography is that it should be fun, energetic, original and most importantly reflect you! We love capturing emotions and expressions, our relaxed attitude will instantly make you and your guests feel at ease. We love to feel part of the family, and we thrive from their energy!

We absolutely love doing intimate photography, whilst it is important to remember that as much as the photo’s will be shared and loved by all of your family, we feel it is important to have photo’s which reflect you as a couple, photo’s which you can adore and keep for a lifetime.

We like to call ourselves “storytellers”, we love capturing each moment of your event and composing the pictures into a story to reflect you and your families. It is important to us that you trust us! Trust is something that is earned. Through to your initial consultation until you pick up your album at the end, we will work with you at every stage.

Why are we different?
We will listen to you and your needs at every opportunity, and we will recommend suggestions where possible! We love to try different ideas, and love doing photography which is outside of the “box” – the funkier the better! We appreciate that every wedding and every couple is different, hence why we try to incorporate as much of “you” as possible into the photos. We really love to sketch your personalities into your pre-wedding shoot, so if you have a love of motorbikes or if you have a love of cars, we will try to accommodate what you yourself are passionate about into the photos. We also love to take a range of different photo’s and we definitely do not stick to one style throughout the whole wedding, through to cheeky close-up’s to reportage style of photo’s to more of the “posed” style of photo’s, we can accommodate to what you like and want.

Not all wedding photography is the same, so why not take the plunge and be “you” in your wedding photo’s…after all it does make sense!